Road to Joy Tip 22: One Starry Night

One Starry Night
based upon Luke 2
by Kathe Matthews

It was a cold and starry night 

Nothing but sky was in their sight

 When suddenly out of the blue 

Down from heaven an angel flew


He illuminated the sky 

His brilliance and voice cried 

“Glory to God in the highest” 

A Word from the Holy Mightiest 


The shepherds collapsed on their knees

 All movements among them ceased 

Their arms and legs trembled and shook 

As they tried to take a good look 


“Don’t be afraid” the angel said 

“The Savior was born in a manger bed 

Go and see that my words are true 

Your life will change and be brand new” 


The shepherds rushed to go and see 

Baby Jesus on bended knee 

Along the way their hearts soared 

As to their Savior they moved toward


  They saw Him as the angel had told 

Reassuring and making them bold 

To tell everyone in their sight 

The Good News of Jesus, the True Light


 This is the message we are to hear 

That Jesus, our Savior, is near 

May this Good News transform your heart 

To you, His mercy and grace impart


 Copyright 2015 Kathe Matthews


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